Should Peter Dunne Face Manslaughter Charges over the Death of Alex Renton?

Today brought the sad news that Alex Renton passed away. He had been in Wellington Hospital for a while receiving treatment for status epilepticus, a deadly form of epilepsy. Two weeks ago, he was granted permission to use medicinal cannabis, but unfortunately it was not effective in the short time Renton had left.

How to Make Money From an Online Cricket Simulator

Bookies set their odds in various ways. Sometimes they use programs, sometimes they use hunches, sometimes they use algorithms, sometimes they watch the market. It's possible to use an online cricket simulator program to potentially get an edge on some of the gambling houses. This article describes how.

Why Cannabis Prohibition Violates the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act

Cannabis is illegal. This is the accepted mainstream viewpoint, and it's certainly the paradigm you will be living under if a Police officer finds you in possession of cannabis or growing equipment. From another perspective, however, it's not cannabis that's illegal but rather the law prohibiting it. This is because cannabis prohibition violates the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (NZBORA).

How to Squander an Opportunity, New Zealand-Style

With news that the New South Wales Govt. is building a $12 million medicinal cannabis research centre, New Zealand is falling yet further behind the rest of the world. This is bad enough as it is, but, as this article will show, it's uniquely bad for New Zealand.

Cannabis Part of the Alchemy of Everyday Life

Most people in the world, whether they realise it or not, are alchemists of some sort, and most of these people carry out acts of basic alchemy as a matter of course. Cannabis has been demonised and made illegal for a number of reasons, and one of them is that we have generally been unable, thus far, to accommodate the magic of the plant into our everyday lives. However, with perspectives about cannabis changing worldwide, and quickly, the era of cannabis may be on its way.

An Acid Test for Kiwi Compassion

Peter Dunne stated in April that compassion "should be front of mind when drug policy is being considered and developed." It's hard to think of anything less compassionate than to let a young man die because you are making political capital out of the boogeyman associated with cannabis use - yet that's precisely what Dunne and the National Party appear set to allow.

How Cannabis Could be Legalised from Outside Parliament

Two cases of interest to cannabis law reformers were in the New Zealand news today. In both of them, the defendant was given a surprisingly light sentence for cultivation of cannabis. With a maximum penalty of imprisonment for up to 8 years for the charges, the punishments for both cases combined totalled 450 hours of community work and 12 months supervision.

An Open Letter to John Key about Cannabis Law Reform

Dear Rt. Hon John Key,

This letter outlines an argument for liberalising New Zealand's cannabis laws. As you are likely aware, a growing number of New Zealand's allies have taken measures to repeal cannabis prohibition. The economic arguments for following suit in New Zealand are very strong.

The Conservative Argument for Cannabis Law Reform

With conservative governments holding power in Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and with a conservative majority in the US House of Representatives, the prospects of further cannabis law reform in the Anglosphere may appear grim. This is because cannabis law reform has traditionally been seen as a social justice issue of interest primarily to liberals and progressives.

Why Our Justice System is Fucked

The basis of any justice system is "the punishment fits the crime". This means that the degree of punishment meted out by a judge in a criminal case ought to fit the degree of suffering caused to other beings by the act of the criminal. As this article will show, this concept no longer applies in the New Zealand Justice System (if, indeed, it ever did).


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