Is the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party Now Polling Over 1%?

Bizarrely, the ALCP is not included in the lastest Roy Morgan poll, despite winning twice as many votes in the 2014 General Election as United Future, who are. Trying to estimate what the ALCP would have polled had they been included suggests somewhere around 1.2-1.3%.

The Biggest Lie Ever Told About Cannabis

The single most monstrous, damaging and ignorant lie ever told about cannabis is that it causes psychosis and mental illness. This has always been one of the primary reasons for cannabis being illegal and the assumption is so deeply ingrained that even experienced cannabis users still believe it.

An Open Letter to Andrew Little about Cannabis Law Reform

Dear Hon. Andrew Little,

I am writing to you to share my misgivings about New Zealand's current cannabis laws, and to ascertain whether a Labour-led Government from 2017 would do something to help those Kiwis currently suffering under those same laws. I am one of a large and silent number of New Zealanders who passionately believe that our cannabis laws are outdated and need to be repealed.

Cannabis Prohibition is Fueled by Hatred

There's more than one ugly side to cannabis prohibition. Aside from the damage it does, there's the foul impulses that motivate it - the ignorance, self-righteousness and stupidity of prohibitionists is well known. This article looks at perhaps the ugliest of all emotions powering the Drug War: hatred.

Why 50 Over Cricket Will Never Die

The theory behind T20 cricket is simple. Wickets and boundaries are exciting, therefore manipulating the laws of cricket to produce more of them will create a package that is more exciting per minute of game time watched. Some have predicted that the advent of T20 cricket is the death knell of the 50 over game. This article argues otherwise.

The Case for Compensating Victims of Cannabis Prohibition

Awareness is continuing to grow that cannabis prohibition is not merely a bad law, but an actual human rights abuse. The fact that we still imprison people for growing medicinal plants stands as one of the most appalling continued acts of violent ignorance in the world. This article examines the case for monetary compensation for people mistreated by the law in the past.

Which Party Will be Next to Adopt a Humane Cannabis Policy?

As of today, the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is the only party that considers cannabis users human beings and not as some kind of degenerate subhuman in need of segregation from the rest of the population, lest our filth corrupt them. But as Reefer Madness hysteria continues to fade into a deserved oblivion, chances are that one of the other parties in New Zealand will eventually get a clue. This article looks at who it's most likely to be.

Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis Users Need to Stick Together

With cannabis awareness continuing to grow and the pressure to legalise the plant continuing to harden, some cannabis law reformers find themselves in a difficult position. Should we push for full legalisation of cannabis, or should we prioritise those who use cannabis to treat a medicinal condition and push for that instead?

Could Norman's Resignation Help the Greens Find Some Courage on Cannabis?

Green Party co-leader Russell Norman will step down in May, vacating the position that he has held for nine years. His replacement will be named at a party meeting that month, heralding a new era for the Green Party. This article looks at what a new Greens co-leader could mean for cannabis is New Zealand in the wake of Norman's departure.

Unified Power Rating for Batsmen in Cricket World Cup 2015

This article introduces a concept called Unified Power Ratings for batsmen in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. This is a way of comparing the effectiveness of the batsmen in the various teams.


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