New Zealand is Literally More Backwards Than the American South

Be honest - what do you think when someone mentions "The American Deep South"? If you're like most New Zealanders, you will think of toothless, cousin-shagging hicks, lynch mobs, mindless religious hypocrisy, unrepentant gun fetishists, multigenerational trailer park families and the KKK.

The Nuremberg Defence Doesn't Work For the Drug War Either

In the aftermath of World War II, some of the war criminals on the German side were tried for their part in the conflict. The common thread in their defence was that they were only following orders - something that came to be known as the Nuremberg Defence. This was struck down on the grounds that even following orders is no excuse.

Drugs Get Legalised From the Lowest Level of Frequency Upwards

First there was tobacco. This is the lowest frequency of all the common drugs. It is vanishingly rare that someone has an enlightening experience on tobacco. The usual experience is a humiliating descent into physical disease and compulsive behaviour. The best that can be said of it is that it can be an anaesthetic against mild physical pain and against the drudgery of life and the boredom and depression that often comes with it.

Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development and Cannabis Law Reform

In my eight years as a cannabis law reform activist, I've noticed a trend regarding people's attitudes to cannabis law reform. The more strongly a person was against cannabis law reform, the more primitive and childish their moral system was in most other matters not related to cannabis. It turns out that this hunch is backed up by psychological science, in particular Kohlberg's stages of moral development.

Elections Are Black Magic Rituals - Are You a Victim?

The world is made of magic, and many human behaviours that are difficult to understand become more clear when presented in magical terms. If one applies this esoteric lens to the democratic electoral system, it becomes apparent that elections are really rituals of Greater Black Magic.

Cricket Simulator Predicts $1.29 Fair Value for South Africa; $4.39 for Bangladesh

A 1,000 match series was played between two simulator teams, one comprised of the likely South African lineup for the first ODI in the upcoming South Africa in Bangladesh 2015 ODI series, and the other, their Bangladeshi opponents. The simulation suggested that Fair Value for South Africa at a betting house might be $1.29; for Bangladesh, $4.39.

Could Cannabis Law Reform be the Answer to New Zealand's Record Suicide Toll?

With the news that the New Zealand suicide toll has risen to its highest level since the coroner's office started keeping records, there will predictably be a lot of hot air and little in the way of real solutions. Reports from overseas suggest that cannabis law reform might be one way to bring this toll down.

Should Peter Dunne Face Manslaughter Charges over the Death of Alex Renton?

Today brought the sad news that Alex Renton passed away. He had been in Wellington Hospital for a while receiving treatment for status epilepticus, a deadly form of epilepsy. Two weeks ago, he was granted permission to use medicinal cannabis, but unfortunately it was not effective in the short time Renton had left.

How to Make Money From an Online Cricket Simulator

Bookies set their odds in various ways. Sometimes they use programs, sometimes they use hunches, sometimes they use algorithms, sometimes they watch the market. It's possible to use an online cricket simulator program to potentially get an edge on some of the gambling houses. This article describes how.

Why Cannabis Prohibition Violates the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act

Cannabis is illegal. This is the accepted mainstream viewpoint, and it's certainly the paradigm you will be living under if a Police officer finds you in possession of cannabis or growing equipment. From another perspective, however, it's not cannabis that's illegal but rather the law prohibiting it. This is because cannabis prohibition violates the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (NZBORA).


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