How the War on Drugs is Literally Killing People

The term "War on Drugs" isn't a hyperbolic metaphor. Like regular wars, there are physical casualties caused by a violence that is a natural consequence of warfare. The New Zealand Police recently revealed that a man murdered in his West Auckland home was killed by thieves there to rob him of a cannabis crop.

Could Cannabis Law Reform in California be the Tipping Point for the World?

With the news that the Californian Attorney General Kamala Harris believes cannabis legalisation in her state to be "inevitable", another domino looks set to fall in the battle against cannabis prohibition.

Will New Zealand Follow America's Seachange in Cannabis Opinion?

Whether we like it or not, America is more up with the play than New Zealand is. And the home of cannabis prohibition is ironically becoming the home of cannabis law reform, with five states and territories now having legalised the plant by way of citizens' referendums.

Potential Cannabis Referendum Questions for New Zealand

If New Zealand is to join the wave of cannabis referendums washing over the United States, it will be necessary to first formulate a question to be put to the New Zealand public. For a citizens' initiated referendum to be launched, a petition has to be put to the Clerk of the House of Representatives, who decides on the question to be asked to the voters.

Is a Cannabis Referendum Feasible in New Zealand?

The blueprint for cannabis legalisation becomes clearer with every passing season. Absent a desire from the people's elected representatives to bring in some kind of law reform, it is still feasible for the people to enact their will by enshrining it in a citizens' initiated referendum. This was how Colorado and Washington got legal cannabis and it's the method that Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. also used to get it.

What the Oregon and Alaska Cannabis Referendum Results Mean for New Zealand

This week, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. all passed referendums that will allow for the sale of recreational cannabis in these territories. The measures, all modelled closely on what already exists in Colorado, reflect a continuation of the stunning series of victories won by cannabis law reformers across the world in the past few years.

Cannabis Law Reform in the Anglosphere

For better or worse, the law in New Zealand often follows the legislative trends in a number of culturally similar countries collectively known as the Anglosphere. This group of five English-speaking countries, comprising the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, frequently act in concert when it comes to making law changes that reflect changes in cultural values. This article looks at the state of cannabis law reform in the Anglosphere.

Estimating the Total Cannabis Law Reform Vote

The results of the 2014 General Election appeared to yield little progress for cannabis law reform, with the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party losing about 5% of its vote from 2011. But because the Internet Party seemed to support cannabis legalisation it is likely that they received much of the vote that would otherwise have gone to the ALCP.

Why 2017 Will be an Interesting Election for Cannabis Law Reform

Masked within the results on the night of the 2014 Election was a probable increase in the cannabis law reform vote. This is not apparent when looking at the vote count for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party alone, but it has to be considered that the cannabis law reform vote was, unlike in 2011, split between two parties.

Is it Time for a Cannabis Referendum in New Zealand?

The cannabis legislation that exists in Colorado came into being after a public referendum, and several more US states have cannabis law reform measures up for debate in public ballots. Because the cannabis question in the national consciousness of New Zealand has never truly been queried. this puts us in a unique position.


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