For a Global Government to be Possible, All Other Bases for Solidarity Must be Destroyed

It is known that the political class operates in secret and in opposition to the will of the people. Because the true motives of this class are shrouded in lies, it's sometimes only possible to determine what these motives are in retrospect. Much of what's happening in the world can be understood if the motives of the political elite are understood.

Cricket Simulator Predicts $1.72 Fair Value for New Zealand; $2.42 for Sri Lanka

This article uses ODI CricSim to generate the likely results of ODI matches played between the current Black Caps and Sri Lanka teams. The simulator was run for a few hours. The teams in the simulator were the same as those in the first ODI played between New Zealand and Sri Lanka on 26 DEC 15.

So Who Really Cared About the First New Zealand Flag Referendum?

The first New Zealand flag referendum has come and gone. Thanks to the Electoral Commission, who run the Electoral Results website, we know that the turnout rate for this referendum was 48.78%. We also know, from the same source, what the turnout rate for each electorate was. So we know which electorates were engaged with the referendum process, and which were disenfranchised.

The Four Basic Strategies for Dividing and Conquering a Population

One interpretation of alchemical theory gives us two essential methods for conducting warfare: force and deception. These two basic methods represent the masculine and feminine ways of conducting warfare, respectively. As masculine and feminine further divide into fire, air, water and earth, so too do the basic ways of conducting warfare divide into four.

Why No-one Should be Surprised About the Stoner Jesus Bible Study

Curiosity was piqued by the recent novelty news item about the Stoner Jesus Bible Study group, a Christian fellowship in Colorado. A member of the group, Mia Williams, says: "We are just a bunch of stoners that come together and learn about Jesus and the Word of God."

An Open Letter to Labour MPs About Cannabis Law Reform

The following letter was posted to all current Labour Party MPs on 04 DEC 15.

* * *

Dear [Labour MP NAME],

The purpose of this letter is not to convince you of the merit of some kind of cannabis law reform. I believe that most Labour MPs are good people by nature and I expect that many of you already agree with the Law Commission that a change to New Zealand's cannabis laws is long overdue.

A Lesson for Andrew Little from Justin Trudeau's Successful Canadian Campaign

Justin Trudeau, leader of Canada's Liberal Party, won the Canadian General Election on the 19th of October this year and became the Prime Minister. His Liberal Party won 184 of the 338 seats, a gain of 150 seats compared to the 2011 General Election. The win was all the more incredible as the Liberal Party was in third place at the start of the General Election campaign.

Finding an ODI ATG XI World Champion

Recent upgrades to the ODI CricSim engine have made it possible to conduct a study in which we try to find which nation has the strongest ODI ATG XI. To do so, we will run a set of best of 1,999 match series between the top 8 ODI nations' best ODI sides.

22500 - The Number of Refugees We Could Afford to Take if We Legalised Cannabis

The New Zealand Government has decided that it will take in 750 Syrian refugees over the next three years, a measure expected to cost the country $50,000,000. The country's limit to accommodate these refugees is limited by several factors, the most often stated of which is the financial burden that we would have to endure.

The Kane Williamson Effect

Kane Williamson may have just turned 25, but he's already a certain pick for the No. 3 position in an All Time Black Caps ODI XI. This article uses an online ODI cricket simulator to look at the effect that the coming of Williamson has had statistically on teams he's been in, and what this could mean at the gambling houses.

How to Make Money on BetFair with ODI CricSim

Computing power gives us the ability to crunch more data looking for patterns than the human mind could ever do on its own. This article uses ODI CricSim, an online one day international cricket simulator, to get an edge on the gambling markets.

New Zealand is Literally More Backwards Than the American South

Be honest - what do you think when someone mentions "The American Deep South"? If you're like most New Zealanders, you will think of toothless, cousin-shagging hicks, lynch mobs, mindless religious hypocrisy, unrepentant gun fetishists, multigenerational trailer park families and the KKK.

The Nuremberg Defence Doesn't Work For the Drug War Either

In the aftermath of World War II, some of the war criminals on the German side were tried for their part in the conflict. The common thread in their defence was that they were only following orders - something that came to be known as the Nuremberg Defence. This was struck down on the grounds that even following orders is no excuse.

Drugs Get Legalised From the Lowest Level of Frequency Upwards

First there was tobacco. This is the lowest frequency of all the common drugs. It is vanishingly rare that someone has an enlightening experience on tobacco. The usual experience is a humiliating descent into physical disease and compulsive behaviour. The best that can be said of it is that it can be an anaesthetic against mild physical pain and against the drudgery of life and the boredom and depression that often comes with it.

Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development and Cannabis Law Reform

In my eight years as a cannabis law reform activist, I've noticed a trend regarding people's attitudes to cannabis law reform. The more strongly a person was against cannabis law reform, the more primitive and childish their moral system was in most other matters not related to cannabis. It turns out that this hunch is backed up by psychological science, in particular Kohlberg's stages of moral development.

Elections Are Black Magic Rituals - Are You a Victim?

The world is made of magic, and many human behaviours that are difficult to understand become more clear when presented in magical terms. If one applies this esoteric lens to the democratic electoral system, it becomes apparent that elections are really rituals of Greater Black Magic.

Cricket Simulator Predicts $1.29 Fair Value for South Africa; $4.39 for Bangladesh

A 1,000 match series was played between two simulator teams, one comprised of the likely South African lineup for the first ODI in the upcoming South Africa in Bangladesh 2015 ODI series, and the other, their Bangladeshi opponents. The simulation suggested that Fair Value for South Africa at a betting house might be $1.29; for Bangladesh, $4.39.

Could Cannabis Law Reform be the Answer to New Zealand's Record Suicide Toll?

With the news that the New Zealand suicide toll has risen to its highest level since the coroner's office started keeping records, there will predictably be a lot of hot air and little in the way of real solutions. Reports from overseas suggest that cannabis law reform might be one way to bring this toll down.

Should Peter Dunne Face Manslaughter Charges over the Death of Alex Renton?

Today brought the sad news that Alex Renton passed away. He had been in Wellington Hospital for a while receiving treatment for status epilepticus, a deadly form of epilepsy. Two weeks ago, he was granted permission to use medicinal cannabis, but unfortunately it was not effective in the short time Renton had left.

How to Make Money From an Online Cricket Simulator

Bookies set their odds in various ways. Sometimes they use programs, sometimes they use hunches, sometimes they use algorithms, sometimes they watch the market. It's possible to use an online cricket simulator program to potentially get an edge on some of the gambling houses. This article describes how.

Why Cannabis Prohibition Violates the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act

Cannabis is illegal. This is the accepted mainstream viewpoint, and it's certainly the paradigm you will be living under if a Police officer finds you in possession of cannabis or growing equipment. From another perspective, however, it's not cannabis that's illegal but rather the law prohibiting it. This is because cannabis prohibition violates the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (NZBORA).

How to Squander an Opportunity, New Zealand-Style

With news that the New South Wales Govt. is building a $12 million medicinal cannabis research centre, New Zealand is falling yet further behind the rest of the world. This is bad enough as it is, but, as this article will show, it's uniquely bad for New Zealand.

Cannabis Part of the Alchemy of Everyday Life

Most people in the world, whether they realise it or not, are alchemists of some sort, and most of these people carry out acts of basic alchemy as a matter of course. Cannabis has been demonised and made illegal for a number of reasons, and one of them is that we have generally been unable, thus far, to accommodate the magic of the plant into our everyday lives. However, with perspectives about cannabis changing worldwide, and quickly, the era of cannabis may be on its way.

An Acid Test for Kiwi Compassion

Peter Dunne stated in April that compassion "should be front of mind when drug policy is being considered and developed." It's hard to think of anything less compassionate than to let a young man die because you are making political capital out of the boogeyman associated with cannabis use - yet that's precisely what Dunne and the National Party appear set to allow.

How Cannabis Could be Legalised from Outside Parliament

Two cases of interest to cannabis law reformers were in the New Zealand news today. In both of them, the defendant was given a surprisingly light sentence for cultivation of cannabis. With a maximum penalty of imprisonment for up to 8 years for the charges, the punishments for both cases combined totalled 450 hours of community work and 12 months supervision.

An Open Letter to John Key about Cannabis Law Reform

Dear Rt. Hon John Key,

This letter outlines an argument for liberalising New Zealand's cannabis laws. As you are likely aware, a growing number of New Zealand's allies have taken measures to repeal cannabis prohibition. The economic arguments for following suit in New Zealand are very strong.

The Conservative Argument for Cannabis Law Reform

With conservative governments holding power in Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and with a conservative majority in the US House of Representatives, the prospects of further cannabis law reform in the Anglosphere may appear grim. This is because cannabis law reform has traditionally been seen as a social justice issue of interest primarily to liberals and progressives.

Why Our Justice System is Fucked

The basis of any justice system is "the punishment fits the crime". This means that the degree of punishment meted out by a judge in a criminal case ought to fit the degree of suffering caused to other beings by the act of the criminal. As this article will show, this concept no longer applies in the New Zealand Justice System (if, indeed, it ever did).

Is the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party Now Polling Over 1%?

Bizarrely, the ALCP is not included in the lastest Roy Morgan poll, despite winning twice as many votes in the 2014 General Election as United Future, who are. Trying to estimate what the ALCP would have polled had they been included suggests somewhere around 1.2-1.3%.

The Biggest Lie Ever Told About Cannabis

The single most monstrous, damaging and ignorant lie ever told about cannabis is that it causes psychosis and mental illness. This has always been one of the primary reasons for cannabis being illegal and the assumption is so deeply ingrained that even experienced cannabis users still believe it.


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