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Estimating the Total Cannabis Law Reform Vote

The results of the 2014 General Election appeared to yield little progress for cannabis law reform, with the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party losing about 5% of its vote from 2011. But because the Internet Party seemed to support cannabis legalisation it is likely that they received much of the vote that would otherwise have gone to the ALCP.

Why 2017 Will be an Interesting Election for Cannabis Law Reform

Masked within the results on the night of the 2014 Election was a probable increase in the cannabis law reform vote. This is not apparent when looking at the vote count for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party alone, but it has to be considered that the cannabis law reform vote was, unlike in 2011, split between two parties.

Is it Time for a Cannabis Referendum in New Zealand?

The cannabis legislation that exists in Colorado came into being after a public referendum, and several more US states have cannabis law reform measures up for debate in public ballots. Because the cannabis question in the national consciousness of New Zealand has never truly been queried. this puts us in a unique position.

What Legal Cannabis in Australia Would Mean for New Zealand

Cannabis law reform continues to march across the world, and now the movement has considerable momentum in neighbouring Australia. This article looks at what legal cannabis in Australia would mean for us in New Zealand.

The Likelihood of Cannabis Law Reform in John Key's Third Term

Before last week's election, many believed that only through a change of government could there be a real chance of cannabis law reform. The crushing election night victory of John Key's National Party was therefore widely seen as a blow to hopes for further cannabis law reform in New Zealand. This article argues a different view, namely that there is no real reason to despair.

(Kindle) 16 Moral Dilemmas

At the heart of all good creative fiction is a moral dilemma that tears your characters in two. This book describes 16 basic human desires and how they can be used in creative fiction to skewer your characters in dilemmas that will engage your readers.

Only a Vote for the Cannabis Party is a Full Vote for Cannabis Law Reform

With the election now three weeks away, every party on the centre-left is suddenly claiming to be a staunch supporter of cannabis law reform. Despite this, only a vote for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party will show up as a vote for cannabis law reform instead of for one of several other issues.

Voting Cannabis Party is to Have the Courage of Your Convictions

As we get closer to the election on Sep. 20, the other parties are ramping up their rhetoric. It's easy for voters to get lost in this sea of noise, but the cannabis law reform supporters with the strongest convictions will still vote Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.

(Paperback) 64 Elementary Story Types

64 Elementary Story Types explores the world of archetypes to bring a kaleidoscope of new ideas to your creative fiction. Delve into this eclectic system for understanding the world of story types and discover how the slightest change to a crucial element of any story can provide a range of new insights for the drama potential of your tale.


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